Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Total Bozo Premieres: REDREDRED's "Concrete/Sand

Well, here it is. We're doing video premieres now. I guess people think we're a real thing or something. People aside from "that one guy" who tried to sue us for writing "that one (several) thing(s)."

We were reached out to about premiering the video for REDREDRED's "Concrete/Sand," which is a pretty cool thing to happen. REDREDRED puts out music on the Dark Entries label, which is a label that we enjoy very much. The director of the video is San Francisco's M.J. Bernier and we asked her a few questions about the video, and life in general. Don't be a dummy. Read what she has to say before you just scroll down and play the video.

When is the last time you felt what could only be described as "unbridled wildness?"
I feel wild when I am either dancing, fucking, or making new work. When I shot my last video "Bind" (for local artist Sutures) it was a combination of all three. These instances are some of the only where I feel completely free regardless of any outside pressure.

When working on your creative pursuits, does the fulfillment and satisfaction you get from making cool stuff and being in "the zone" make it all the more difficult to suffer through the mundaneness of everyday life? For instance: You work on a video, complete it, and then have to go to work at a normal job somewhere and rub elbows with morons and the unwashed masses. Is it very painful?
I'm very particular about the work I take on. I get what I like to call "post-project depression" when I finish a new music video or film. It's always hard to say goodbye. Every void has to be filled by the next project and until that happens, there is a longing.

Describe the last time you were "as annoyed as you could possibly be."
I am fed up with sexism, inequality and misogyny, to name a few. I have no tolerance.

If you had to describe this video using a lyric from a song (not the song from the video) what would it be?
I don't think of other music when I think of this video. Michael created such a strong world around this album, it's hard to imagine anything penetrating that vision.

How did it come to be that you were chosen to make the video for this song? 
Michael and I were creative partners in many ways for a long time, even before REDREDRED. I always appreciated and admired his genuine approach to making work. I wanted to continue to be a part of that. We had worked together on the video for "Enforcer" and it was a natural progression at the time.

If you could be hired to make a video for any song, old or new, what would it be and what kind of video would you make for it?
I could answer this question 700 times. All I want to do is make films and music videos. I dream of having partnered with a young David Bowie, or Kate Bush. To have collaborated with Nina Simone or Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, it's overwhelming to even imagine. Right now I am loving everything that FKA Twigs puts out.

How's San Francisco?
San Francisco is a strange place. I have grown a lot here. My neighborhood smells like piss and there is hardship juxtapose riches on every corner. Yet It's beauty is shocking at times and it's hold on me is strong. I have met some of the most outstanding friends and driven artists here. In some ways, it's like a setting sun.

Cool! Here's the video: