Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Review in Pictures of Tacocat's 'NVM' by A Bundle of Sticks

By: A Bundle of Sticks

A Bundle of Sticks is a bundle of few words and many pleasures. It loves toothpicks, dirt roads, large mammals, and writing about music. A Bundle of Sticks doesn't like yapping its mouth and shitting up a tranquil, super cool moment with unnecessary words. A Bundle of Sticks likes to sit, or stand, and think about things. While A Bundle of Sticks is sitting, or standing, and thinking about things its mind is flooded with pictures. We asked it to spend some time with the new Tacocat album NVM (which is coming out on February 25th via Hardly Art) and share the mind pictures it experienced while listening to each song. You got it? Maybe go back and read all that again. I don't think you got it.

Here we go!

1) "You Never Came Back"

2) "Bridge to Hawaii"

3) "Crimson Wave"

4) "Stereogram"

5) "Pocket Full of Primrose"

 6) "Psychedelic Quinceanera"

7) "Time Pirate"

8) "This is Anarchy"

9) "Hey Girl"

10) "Party Trap"

11) "F.U. #8"

12) "Alien Girl"

13) "Snow Day"

Best tracks:

"Psychedelic Quinceanera"

"Bridge to Hawaii"

Cool. Cool.