Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hypothetical Powerpoints on How Not to be a Crazy Bitch

HEY YOU! Do you live anywhere near Brooklyn, NY? WELL! You are in for a treat! The Powerpoint Society of the U.S.A. is doing a thing this Saturday at Brooklyn Wayfarers @8PM! This thing, if I may be so bold, STARS the single best human in all of the planet that is Earth, and that human's name is Lindsey Baker

Perhaps you have a wild yearning for information? Click THIS

The night's events will include: jokes you may or may not be smart enough to fully appreciate, my friends and I making fun of literally everyone who walks in the door, and a ratio of about 99% awesome people to 1% crazy bitch. You may be now asking yourself "could I be the crazy bitch in that ratio?" YOU PROBABLY ARE! 

Be brave and leave the house for this. Sit next to me on a bench. No wait, don't do that.